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Design Guide

A granite headstone is a personalized representation of a life lived well. Take a few moments to remember the achievements, talents and personal­ity traits of your loved one. Jot down some notes to describe the individual’s motivations, passions, hobbies ...anything you can think of that represents your loved one’s personality.

You can choose to have these as sandblast, shape carve, laser, color etch­ing...

Sandblast: Sandblast is using high air pressure and sand forced through a nozzle, carves the design and lettering flat and deep into the granite headstone.

Shapes Carving: The outline of the design is sandblasted and the interior is shaped to create a 3-D look to the design. Shape carved designs are commonly used on roses, flowers and leaves. They can also be used on many other designs such as praying hands.

Etching and Laser: A hand etching consists of using a diamond tipped engraving tool to draw or “etch” directly onto a polished monument. An etching looks best when it is done on a polished black granite monument because this will give you the greatest contrast. Etchings can also be done using laser machines. These are called laser etch­ings. Etchings can even be done in colors

Themes: Select one of our sample theme or look online for one that you desired, If the per­son was an outdoors lover then it would be very appropriate incorporate some type of nature into the design. A beautiful mountain scene might be perfect. How about a beautiful evergreen tree? If the person loved to fish, maybe a nice lake view scene might be appropriate

Emblem: Emblems could be based on a floral (flower) design. Each flower has a special symbolic meaning. Roses, dogwood, and lilies are very popular. Maybe a particular cross or other reli­gious symbol that was meaningful to the you love.

Inscription: If it is appropriate to the theme of your headstone you may want to include an epitaph. Maybe you would like to create a special epitaph based on the person’s life. Sometimes the perfect thought for your headstone has already been expressed. Poems and verses from songs have been used as epitaphs.

Graphics, Emblems, Inscription, Fonts, Potraits, Epitapths.

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