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The song is ended, but the melody lingers on

Rest in thine, sweet memory ours

Sweetly sleeping

Loving memories last forever

Hasten, oh blessed hour or reunion

Not lost to memory! Not lost to love!

but gone to our Father’s house above

Step softly, a dream lies buried here

Your love will light my way, your memory will ever be with me

What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever

Death is only a shadow across the path to heaven

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them

He longest lives who most to others gives, himself forgetting

May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace

He gave thee, He took thee, and He will restore thee

Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal

I think of you as watching from

a time and space beyond the sky,

a place where we might someday come

May the journey on your next adventure be as joy-filled

as your time with us. See you soon!

I can only hope we shall see each other again

In that place where there is only love and no shadows fall,

You have touched my very being...I shall remember you

Life is not measured

By the number of breaths we take,

But by the moments

That take our breath away

General Epitaphs

Life is not measured

By the number of breaths we take,

But by the moments

That take our breath away

Behold my friends as you pass by

As you are now, so once was I

As I am now, soon you shall be

Give thyself to God and follow me

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One’s nearer God’s heart in a garden,

Than anywhere else on earth

Your presence is a gift to the world,

You’re unique and one of a kind.

Your life can be what you want it to be

Take it one day at a time.

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