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Color: Natural Stone Granite is often used for Headstones, Monuments. Granite offer wide range of colors, Black and Gray are the most used at the cem­etery.

Black Granite: When creating an etching or laser portrait on the Headstone, the best result is to used black Granite.

Black and Gray Granite: These are the two color most present at the cemetery, we offer these two color as standard stock items. Any colors can be custom to your design and it will take from 6 to 16 weeks for all special order.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting the granite color is the contrast between the polished stone and the letters and carving that are sandblasted into it. Usu­ally the darker the polished granite the greater the contrast. This contrast can make carvings and letters stand out. Ask your local headstone company to help you with this topic.

Granite color

When selecting a Single , Companion or Family Headstone, there are few types of Headstones to be select.

Flat marker: Granite markers lay flush with the ground. They are generally 24” x 14” but can be larger depending upon individual cemetery or memorial park size require­ments.

Slant Marker: Slant markers typically stand 16” to 18” in height with the front slant­ing or sloping back at a 45 degree.

Upright headstone: Headstones are the most common type of cemetery memorial used today. This consists of 2 pieces. The top piece is much larger and is called a “tablet.” The bottom piece is known as a “base.”

Benches: Granite benches serve as en­during memorials dedicating a park or other suitable location. “benches” can also be used as cemetery memorials. Granite benches are growing in popularity for Cremations me­morials

Headstone shapes

Available sizes of Headstones vary depending on the style you have selected, also it must fit inside of the burrier space at the cemetery.

Flat markers: Select the thickest of the requirement by your cemetery, normal sizes are 3 to 4 inches thick.

Slant Marker: Select the size that required by your cemetery. normal size is 10 inches thick. Most family prefer setting the slant marker on the ground, but some family used a base and have the Marker set on top just like the Headstones type.

Headstone: Select the sizes will required an approval by the cemetery regulation, most common thickest used on the Headstones are 6 or 8 inches thick. The thickest of your choice on the tablet will required the equal thickest on the base.(or the height of the base). If you want to have flowers vases decorated, be sure to select wider base .

Benches: Most bench top is 4 inch thick, also sizes of benches are depended on the regula­tion by the cemeteries. Most bench setting required polished base for foundation and it also required the equal thickest with the bench top.

Select sizes and thickest

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