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Potrait: If there is enough space on the headstone, some individuals choose to add a ceramic picture to the headstone design. Ceramic pictures are made from a porcelain or ceramic material. The process of trans­ferring an image to a porcelain tablet has been refined over the years and now it is possible to have a very nice copy of an original photograph added to the headstone.

Add personal information like the name and date. Keep in mind headstone space limitations. If the situation is right add a ceramic picture. Consider using a beauti­ful epitaph that represents the life of your loved one in a concise form. Sometimes nothing says it quite like a poem.

Words of comfort

Gone, but not forgotten

In Loving Memory of

Entered into rest

Until we meet again

To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die

I shall but love thee better after death

Forever in our hearts

Always in our hearts

At rest with God . Rest in Peace

Too well loved to ever be forgotten

Asleep in Jesus

Home with God, which is far better

Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever

Everlasting life through Christ

Asleep in Christ Jesus

Beloved of the Lord

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